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"Anya has helped Anthony with his shyness and with the way he speaks. I work at a pediatric clinic, and I am always recommending Personal Touch Therapy to whoever might need speech therapy. "
– Dulce B., mother of Anthony B. .

When we first started seeing Anthony he was having a very difficult time forming sentences due to having such few words in his vocabulary. We also had some concerns about his speech sounds. During Anthony's therapy sessions, his therapist constantly monitored his speech as they both worked extremely hard on expanding his vocabulary. Anthony has now begun to produce 4 to 5 word utterances, a variety of nouns and verbs, use present progressive verbs and his speech sounds are now within functional limits! We have no doubt that soon Anthony will successfully produce entire sentences and be able to express his needs and wants so everyone can understand him!

"Ruben can speak more clearly now, and he actually has conversations with people. I would recommend Personal Touch Therapy because they do their very best to help children have the therapy they need."
– Jose F., father of Ruben F.

Ruben is a very smart child who was having some difficulty with understanding language, identifying objects & pictures and describing their attributes such as big/little/hot/wet/empty, and understanding spacial concepts such as under/next to/behind/in front of. With the help and support of his therapist, his family & his physician, Ruben now has the ability to identify shapes, point to letters, understand complex sentences, orders pictures by qualitative concepts (biggest, smallest), describes objects and answers "what" and "where" questions! We're so proud of Ruben's progress, and we know he has so much more to achieve!

"Deanna has helped Abram with understanding and forming complete sentences. At this moment she’s helping him with his 'r' sound. Personal Touch Therapy does a fantastic job making sure that my child gets the services he needs, and also has good customer service."
– Jennifer L., mother of Abram G..

Abram is a perfect example of how a healthy child with no diagnosed disorder can still benefit from home health speech therapy services. Abram displayed significant articulation errors, would omit syllables in multisyllabic words such as saying "mato" for tomato, and trouble producing the "r" sound. Abram and his therapist have worked really hard on his articulation skills and his speech intelligibility. His parents have also been provided with education regarding strategies to increase Abram's articulation while at home to help him acquire new communication skills. We strongly believe Abram can and will reach his full potential because he is now receiving the support he needs.

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